On the Road

I’m sitting in a cabin (with a little metal heater like the kind my dad had on the farm) attempting to sleep on the hardest mattress I have ever sat upon. I’m actually wondering if it isn’t just wood covered with vinyl to look like a mattress!

So these next couple of posts are going to be…let’s just say raw. No editing, no rereading 10 times and calling a friend for their approval.

Just me sharing with you my thoughts.

I spent 6 hours on the motorbike today and I only got As far as I would have if I had driven a car by 3 hours. It was raining, I missed a key turn so I went about a half hour further North than I should have…but hey…I got going.

There are a lot of people who think I’m absolutely crazy. They just can’t wrap their minds around the idea that I actually want to live off of my motorbike for over a year. That I’m looking forward to not spending more than a couple of nights in the same place. This idea is so foreign to most people because home is safe. Home is comfort. Home is what the American dream is. One solid safe place that you can live, grow, and settle in.

Five years ago when I got to Western NY my friend Eric asked me what it was going to take to get me to ‘land’. He said I was like a bird always taking flight. In the moment I said that I didn’t know but later that fall when I fell in love with Western NY I called him with an answer. I called and asked why I needed to land when Eagles make a nest and then fly all over the place during the year and come home to roost. Why can’t I be an eagle?

Even in the rain I loved every minute of being on the bike today. I know that this is a test run and I learned a couple of big lessons… Don’t have a tight time frame, pack only what you absolutely need because your backpack is way too heavy, and don’t forget a towel.

And yeah…find some key sponsors.

I didn’t shoot a lot of video today because the GoPro adds wind resistance and well God provided plenty of that today.

I have dreamt of being on the road since I was a kid. I used to bicycle miles and miles and miles everyday during the summer and half the time my head would actually be in where I would be biking someday. I can’t tell you the number of times I thought that I would bike across Montana. Now I also only thought New York state was New York City! So my thought process with a bit limited. But the dream was already there.

Everyone keeps saying be safe be safe be safe. A few months ago I started telling people who ride motorcycles and others who just lead different kinds of lives to ‘go find an adventure!’

What about the health concerns? That is one of the reasons I’m starting this off slowly. It’s not cost effective that’s for sure…but it is safer than just booking 50+ weddings to write about and going. I’m in partial remission. I’m capable of doing this ride as long as I respect the fatigue issues and I have topical steroids with me if I injury my skin in any way.

There is no cure.

Thus I need to do this now while I can. While I have the energy and the ability. I know that this is not normal… maybe even eccentric but God started me out as a traveling baby…from a birth mother who dealt with truckers to an orphanage run by nuns (nuns travel a lot doing mission work) to a farm family in NE WI who never squanched my ideas. When I work for Yearbook Associates traveling all over America, I felt free.

That’s the feeling I get on my motorbike.

Enjoy the ride!


These wonderful women make sure I have printed material! Yeah I know I could have gotten that done a lot sooner but that’s why FedEx exists!

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