Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. God bless Mom, Dad and everyone I love.

This was a nightly prayer I grew up reciting. Now as an adult I understand that this prayer was created in the early 1200s when so many people died in their sleep because of the plague, but for me it is much more personal…it’s home.

I found myself thinking about this prayer tonight as the sun was setting over the crest of the highway and I was doing 60 miles an hour toward a destination I wasn’t sure of.

I still pray this prayer almost every night, only I add God bless Mom and Dad in the heavens, and all of the people that I love. Plus I typically add… and all of the people that I don’t know.

These last 4 days of being on the road have filled my heart already. Having friends gather to wish me well on my journey, and strangers go out of their way to help me has been overwhelming and a bit breathtaking.

Last night I rode five hours in the dark to get to a friend’s home of which I haven’t seen in almost 10 years. We’ve known each other for almost thirty at this point. There was this point at which I finally saw the name of the town that I was going to on one of those green and white road signs, and I did a little happy giggle knowing then I was going to get to hug my friend.

So much has changed in both of our lives and we stayed up chatting for a few hours after I arrived. Immediately upon waking up this morning we were deep into another meaningful conversation that only broke for a shower and then lunch.

I knew that she had become a teacher, but I didn’t know what kind of teacher. My friend Gretchen works at a school with at-risk kids. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of a community one lives in, there are so many children at risk and a school like hers actually has a waiting list.

A waiting list to get into a school that will treat a child with the respect needed in order to get them the working knowledge they need to not only get a degree but to have a decent life.

From there I left to meet a wedding professional who has gone through a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy and needs knee replacements but she hasn’t missed a wedding that she had made a commitment to.

Then I met a bridal couple who exemplifies what love really is. Less than two weeks before their original wedding date, the bride was in a horrific car accident. They postponed their wedding until she knew she could walk down the aisle. Although she’ll never walk on her own again, she’s at a point that with two of her son’s help she will be able to walk toward the man who has nursed her back to living a full life.

Each day I’ve met someone since being on the road who is inspired me and touched my heart and this is only the beginning.

Yesterday I spent time with a doctor who first met me when I was at my sickest. He met me when my skin was weeping more than my eyes could. He finished our conversation with a T.S. Eliot poem The Wasteland and suggested that I read A Heros Journey. He smiled and told me that I was a wondering traveler. So I’ve decided to name my scooter… The Wondering Scooter.

So now I lay me down to sleep, in the safety of my space. For I don’t worry about being abused or neglected or rejected. I have the freedom of being an adult, of owning my ride, and understanding my beliefs.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep, because I have given my soul freely back to God. I have had the opportunity to witness love at its finest and love at its worst.

If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take… For many of my friends their biggest fear is that I won’t come back alive. As I ride down the highway as I glean every moment on the byways… I wish my friends could understand that this is awakening. That finding the story behind the story and telling it is being fully alive for me. And if I die… I know the Lord my soul to take. I’m all good with that.

God Bless… every single human.


If you would like to support the wondering scooter click here for more information as to how you can help.

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  1. Tina says:

    Ah, my beautiful friend, your dream is coming true. How I wish I could be scooting along with you, but I know that this is your journey to take. I can feel the freedom that you feel as every mile passes by you and it must be amazing. My heart aches with Envy as I would love to be traveling the country and seeing what I can see. It has always been a dream of mine.
    Your story telling as has become more alive as you have become more alive scooting down the highway. Keep riding and keep traveling, it is what you were meant to do.
    From one of your heart string friends, love you love you.


  2. Alais Laizer says:

    It is my pleasure to say something about greatest sites like this, this remind me many greatest poems that proclaim love peace and security, it has been two days i was reading in this site, its is really impressive but also relate to many societies around the world, for any one who come and read never remain the same but you must get some changes, Thanks you for share thanks you very much.


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